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Download Custom ROM untuk Xperia Miro

Halo, apa kabar? Kali ini saya akan membagikan beberapa Custom ROM untuk Xperia Miro anda. Apa itu Custom ROM? Custom ROM adalah ROM yang dibuat oleh beberapa developer, jadi tergantung si pembuatnya, apakah ROM itu berdasarkan ROM asli hape tersebut [stock firmware] ataukah ROM tersebut memang bener-bener unofficial. Nah, sebenernya ada banyak sih Custom ROM buat hape anda, jadi disini saya hanya akan memposting Custom ROM khusus untuk pengguna Xperia Miro saya. Untuk hape yang lainnya bisa dilihat di XDA Developers ya :)

Ingat, sebelum anda mendownload Custom ROM, ada baiknya anda lihat dulu apakah hape anda sudah unlocked bootloader atau belum. Nggak pengen kan anda susah payah download Custom ROM, tapi Custom ROM tersebut hanya khusus Unlocked Bootloader? :D

Oh ya, saya ingatkan sekali lagi ya, sebelum menginstall Custom ROM sebaiknya anda backup dulu data anda, karena kerusakan apapun bukan tanggung jawab saya. Jika ada masalah dalam menginstall, silahkan beri komentar di kotak komentar saja :D

Gimlo Stock + Gimlo ROM [Locked Bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader]
Gimlo is an all-in-one customizable rom for our Xperia Tipo/Miro, based on the latest stock rom and not on another existing custom rom, it's a creation from the scratch.  You can easily personalize, before and during the install wizard, which applications you want to install.

Before the install wizard by adding some applications to the zip file of the rom, so they will be automatically installed during the installation process.
And during the install wizard, due to the integration of the Aroma installer that provide a touch-based install wizard, you will be able to check which application you want to install !

All choices are yours, if you leave all the default selectbox and checkbox, you will have a rom like the stock one, with all the stock stuff but without some bloatware. You can also modify the default selections to have the rom that you want, with the minimum stock stuff!
Xperia Z Fire [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
Feel the Xperia Z Jellybean interface with Xperia Z apps. This rom is fast, stable and smooth as butter. Perfect battery life with pure speed for daily use. Good gaming performance with better multitasking.
Jelly Bean Mini Project [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
Android Jelly Bean version for our Miro/Tipo. Feel the smoothest rom of Jelly Bean 
ZNXT Revolution [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
Another Jelly Bean Unofficial release for our Miro/Tipo 
ZNXT ROM [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

MIUI [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
Another Jelly Bean Unofficial release. Ported from Sony Xperia Arc S
Shendu OS [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

...:::LiGux:::... [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

Paradox [Locked Bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader]

Z-Fusion [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

Stock ROM based on firmware 5.8 [Locked Bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader]
Stock ROM based on firmware 5.5 [Locked Bootloader/Unlocked Bootloader]

PAC [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
The struggle to find the rom you need is over. Some people like CyanogenMod 10, Some prefer AOKP, Some like the advantages of Paranoid Android
To cure your rom hunt we have come up with the P A C man Rom.
PACman is a unique rom.
We have picked the best features from CM10, Aokp and PA and combined them in a single rom so you get the experience you deserve.
To enjoy the features of every available project without the hassle of flashing regularly.
The Rom is rock stable for an average user but keep in mind the Rom is in WIP stage so expect some minor hickups but we are trying our best to resolve these issues.
Ultimate XPERIA Premium [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]
This is basically CM10 modified for a COMPLETE SONY EXPERIENCE. Enjoy Sony's best works on your CM10 running smartphone! Why to use Stock ICS when SONY is better? And WHY RUN A SLOWER/BUGGIER STOCK FW when CM10 is FASTER AND BETTER?
XParanoid [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

Touchwizzed JB [Unlocked Bootloader ONLY!]

Mungkin banyak yang tanya ya, kenapa kok kebanyakan Unlocked Bootloader Only? Karena Sony tidak merelease Official Update ke Jelly Bean untuk hape mid-end, jadi kita terpaksa harus pake Unofficial untuk bisa menikmati Jelly Bean. Nah, kita harus dalam keadaan Unlocked Bootloader terlebih dahulu. Sekian dan terima kasih :)

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Kamis, 05 September, 2013 ×

gan cusrom terbaik menurut agan apa, yg gk ada bugnya

Kamis, 05 September, 2013 ×

Sejauh ini ane pake Gimlo masih work smooth gan :)

Selasa, 24 September, 2013 ×

kalo paranoid sama z fire bagusan mana gan. soalnya aku liat2 di xda tampilannya kok kayak kartun ya

Sabtu, 21 Desember, 2013 ×

makasih banyak gan, nice share... moga sukses selalu

Sabtu, 11 Maret, 2017 ×

masih pakai xperia miro?
custom rom yang paling direkomendasikan apa ya?


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